World Reflexology Week 2018

World Reflexology Week 2018

Celebrating World Reflexology Week world reflexology week

September 24th – 30th is World Reflexology Week. It’s a time for reflexologists around the globe to promote awareness and celebrate the amazing, wonderful therapy that is reflexology.

Why I Love Reflexology

As a complementary therapist I am fully aware of the need to take care of myself in order to take good care of others. I would be a hypocrite if I  advised my clients to have regular treatments without having them myself. I’m definitely walking the walk as well as talking the talk!

Out of all the fabulous complementary therapies my fantastic therapist offers, reflexology is a firm favourite of mine. When I carry out a reflexology treatment on a client, I smile knowing how fantastic it feels to be on the receiving end. It is a very relaxing therapy that helps me zone out as well as leaving me feeling balanced.

My clients absolutely love reflexology as much as I do. It’s great seeing someone come in and as soon as I get to work on their feet they relax and their stress is soothed away.

detecting issuesPlaying Detective

Reflexology is never used to diagnose medical conditions (that’s purely for the GP’s and medical healthcare specialists). However, the feet do reveal a surprising amount of information. They really are mini maps of the body. Temperature, colour, texture and feel of the feet give away a lot about what a person has or is going through. Some areas can feel quite gritty and grainy or tender. This can indicate an area in the body that has some issues.

I often come across reflex areas on the feet that suggest a client has been experiencing some pain or discomfort there. For example, the way the area of the foot associated with the knee feels when I work on it can suggest the client has knee pain. I might pick up that a client has been getting pain in the neck due to the way the base of the big toe feels when I’m working on it (the big toe represents the head and the base of the toes represents the neck). When I relay my findings to a client they are often surprised at how much is revealed through their feet.

Being a reflexologist can at times feel like playing detective. Exploring the feet to see what they have to tell about the rest of the body.

Raising Awareness of Reflexology

This remarkable therapy is excellent at helping to improve wellbeing. Aiming to restore balance to the body and mind. I like to think of reflexology treatment as a massage on the inside. The body’s organs and glands are associated with specific areas (reflexes) of the feet. Therefore, working the feet by applying systematic pressure means all systems of the body are worked on eg, endocrine, digestive, urinary, reproductive etc.

Reflexology is not limited to the feet. The hands and even the ears and face can also be worked on in a similar way. I prefer foot reflexology due to the relaxing effect and with over 7000 nerve endings in the feet being stimulated during a treatment the results are great.

hot stone massage reflexologyHot Stone Reflexology

In celebration of World Reflexology Week this year, I am introducing Hot Stone Reflexology. I love working with hot stones. The heat helps penetrate deeper into the tissues and provides a comforting and relaxing sensation. Combine the soothing heat of the hot stones with the relaxing reflexology therapy and the result is a blissful, therapeutic treatment. I’m looking forward to carrying out these treatments.

For more information on reflexology take a look

special offersSpecial Offers

To promote World Reflexology Week 2018 Wellbeing Treatment is offering the following special offers:

  • Reflexology taster session (30 minutes) for £20
  • 20% off 1 hour reflexology treatment
  • Hot Stone Reflexology (45 minutes) for £35
  • Hot Stone Reflexology (45 minutes) plus a Hot & Cold Stone Face Massage (15 minutes) £45

If you have never experienced the pleasure of a reflexology treatment then get in touch and book your session now. Whether you enjoy the benefits of regular sessions of have not had a treatment in a long time, make the most of the offers we have on over reflexology week.