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“Mannie has been coming to me since March 2017 and my health has improved enormously. I found the two reiki experiences amazing. I have since had reflexology and back massages on a regular basis.

I find Mannie punctual, very professional and a genuinely lovely person and I would recommend her services.”

Kath, Dudley

“I’ve tried the reflexology and it makes me feel so pampered and the balm leaves my feet feeling so soft. I have even fallen asleep during a treatment!”

Amy, Harborne

“I absolutely love my massage sessions from Mannie. They always leave me feeling totally de-stressed and having them at home means I can enjoy that blissed out feeling for longer without having to worry about getting in my car and driving home after an appointment.”

Jane, Edgbaston

I have tried all the treatments available at Wellbeing Treatment and loved every one of them. I always feel so relaxed afterwards and look forward to my next treatment.

R Kaur, Smethwick

I had never heard of Reiki before and a relative suggested I should try it. I was amazed at how calm I felt during the treatment and it definitely helps keep my stress levels down which is important for me as I have high blood pressure. I always receive a warm friendly, polite service from Wellbeing Treatment. I recommend the Reiki treatment, it always does me the world of good!

Tony, Birmingham

Mannie was recommended to me by a friend, so I decided to give massage a go. As a 1st timer I was not overly optimistic at 1st sight as I wondered how such a petite young woman would cope with me – as I’m 6 ft and weighed in at just over 18 stone.

I need not have worried, she quickly identified my problem area’s and went to work with a will. It took a couple of sessions, but she’s sorted out my lower back ache, my constantly popping calves and my aching thighs. She’s also helped with my achilles tendon problem.

For a change she’s occasionally given me a competent in both of these techniques but a regular massage is still my favourite.

After 7 months I’m still a regular client although I’m now getting a “top up” massage on a 2 to 4 week basis rather than the initial weekly visits when she had “work to do”.

Neil, Birmingham


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