Self Care – Top 10 Tips for Looking After Yourself

Self Care – Top 10 Tips for Looking After Yourself

Self Care Week self care good company

“Choose Self Care for Life” is the message of Self Care Week 2018. An annual awareness week encouraging us to take care of ourselves. Making small changes to be healthier and happier. Self care can be a good long soak in the bath, going for a run, not working through your lunch break etc. Its about looking after and valuing yourself. Doing things that make you feel happier and improve your sense of wellbeing.

An important part of my self care is having massage or reflexology sessions every fortnight. This benefits me physically and also helps me to relax, unwind and de-stress. I need to take care of myself  in order to continue taking good care of my clients.

Taking Care of Yourself is Not Selfish!self care

Doing things to look after yourself is essential. You should not feel guilty or selfish for needing to take time to tend to your needs. Many people feel that they simply do not have the time for caring for themselves. They are busy taking care of others be it children, partner or relatives etc. There is only so long you can go on before you’re running on empty. Taking time to refuel and replenish yourself isn’t just beneficial to you but those around you too. It’s very difficult to care for others if you are not taking care of yourself.

Choosing to take good care  of yourself sets a good example for those around you. When they see that you are looking after yourself it can encourage them to start taking care of themselves too. Self care can involve making time for activities you enjoy doing. It can also mean being kinder to yourself. Asserting boundaries that make you feel respected and valued. Not being afraid to say no and feeling like you have to please other people all the time.

10 Tips for Self Care healthy food for self care

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Find what works best for you and incorporate it into a regular routine.

  1. Eat Well
  2. Read a Book
  3. Book a treatment (massage, reflexology, reiki)
  4. Take up a new hobby (or resume an old one)
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Do some exercise
  7. Meditate (Best Meditation Blankets)
  8. Spend time in the company of uplifting friends or family
  9. Get an early night
  10. Watch a feel good movie (or some funny YouTube clips)

Looking after Yourself

Taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health is essential not selfish.  It can help you avoid burnout, feel better and have more energy. Self care week is the perfect time to start focusing on your needs. Make choices that will help you maintain good self care for life!