6 Steps to Summer Ready Feet

6 Steps to Summer Ready Feet

summer ready feetNeglected Feet

Worried about not having summer ready feet? Although there has been a distinct lack of summer weather recently, now is the time most of us start to realise how little attention we have paid to our hard working feet. Many of us are planning our summer holidays. Getting ready for poolside and beach adventures or waiting for the sun to get his hat on and make an appearance! 

Skipping on footcare happens easily, especially when your feet are covered up most the time. Our poor feet carry us around all day and can take a right battering. All too often they are neglected. The state of our feet reveals a lot about what’s going on physically within our bodies. Likewise, they can also be a window to our emotional state too. That’s why reflexologists refer to them as mini maps of the body.

We don’t always take care of our feet as well as we would like to. A good foot care routine is one that’s simple and easy to stick to. Here’s a quick guide on how to keep your feet feeling fabulous.

soak feet1) Exfoliate, wash and dry thoroughly

Use a foot scrub, exfoliating cream or pumice stone to remove dry patches of skin. Smooth corns or calluses gently with a pumice stone after you bathe or shower. Ensure you dry between the toes. Moisture can build up there making it an ideal place for fungus to grow eg, Athlete’s Foot.

trim toenails2) Trim toenails correctly

When cutting toenails make sure you trim them straight across. Don’t angle the corners. Use a foot file or emery board if needed. If you can’t reach your toenails properly, get them trimmed by a podiatrist/chiropodist.


3) Soak your feet (but not too long)foot soak

A nice foot soak at the end of the day can help sooth aching muscles. Try adding Epsom salts for added benefits to ease aches and pains. The water should not be too hot. Avoid soaking for long periods at a time as it can lead to dry cracked skin. Limit soaking time to 10-15mins. A touch of lemon added to the water can help refresh and revitalise the feet.

foot protection4) Keep protected

Despite the tops of the feet being a common site for sunburn, people often neglect applying sunscreen there. Do not overlook your feet when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.


5) Moisturise

Skin on the feet is thicker than elsewhere on the body. Therefore, they require more moisturising. (You do not need to apply moisturiser between the toes). I use a handmade foot balm in my reflexology sessions. It’s simple, nourishing and leaves the feet feeling so smooth and soft afterwards. Try it for yourself. The process is really easy. Feel free to play around with the ingredients. I often change what butters and oils I put in it. Mango butter and sweet almond oil or even olive oil also work well. If using essential oils be careful. They are potent and not always suitable for everyone. A few drops definitely goes a long way. Essential oils have healing properties and can give the balm a delightful aroma. Ensure you use these oils safely. Do some research to check if they are ok to use with any health conditions you may have. 

foot moisturiserFoot Balm Recipie
Shea Butter 15g
Cocoa Butter 15g
Beeswax 15g
Jojoba Oil 20ml
Fractionated Coconut Oil 20 ml
Vitamin E approx. 2 ml
Glycerin approx. 5ml
Essential oils (optional)


Melt shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax in a ban marie (I use a pyrex jug placed in a pan of boiling water).

When melted take of the heat and add the oil, vitamin E, glycerin and essential oils (if using). 

Pour the mixture into small pot/jar and leave to solidify.

6) Treat your feetfoot massage

Nothing feels better than a good soothing foot massage or reflexology session. These restorative, relaxing treatments will leave feet feeling fabulous. Easing away pesky aches and improving overall wellbeing. Isn’t it time you gave your feet a treat? Go ahead and book yourself in for a treatment. 

Give your tootsies the TLC they deserve. They will be summer ready in no time.