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Welcome to Wellbeing Treatment, Birmingham – Complementary Therapies and Holistic Massage Therapy

Wellbeing Treatment is a provider of quality complementary therapies and holistic massage therapy in Birmingham designed to improve and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. With a focus on the individual as a whole, every treatment is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Based in the vibrant Jewellery Quarter our therapy studio is located in Branston Court, Branston Street, Birmingham B18 6BA.

Looking for stress relief, pain relief or general relaxation?

Let the healing potential of our therapies enhance and improve your overall wellbeing. We aim to make you feel good on an emotional, mental and physical level. Every wellbeing treatment is delivered to a high standard and will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and renewed.

Our Treatments

Cupping in Birmingham

Cupping in Birmingham

Cupping is an ancient therapy practised throughout the world for centuries. Cupping therapy uses negative pressure to draw up…

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Thai Massage in Birmingham

Thai Massage in Birmingham

Thai massage involves compression techniques and deep stretching. It is a dynamic therapy that is unlike most other forms of massage…

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Reflexology Therapy in Birmingham

Reflexology Therapy
in Birmingham

Reflexology therapy is a natural treatment that aims to promote the body’s own natural healing ability and to restore a natural state…

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Preconception, pregnancy and post-natal Reflexology in Birmingham

Preconception, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Reflexology in Birmingham

Preconception reflexology aims to help with reducing stress and anxiety, improving wellbeing and help with sleep and balancing the hormones …

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Complementary therapy and holistic massage therapy qualifications, Wellbeing Treatment, Birmingham

All treatments are carried out by Mannie, a fully qualified and insured complementary therapist who holds the following qualifications:

  • Hot and Cold Stones Therapy

  • Thai Massage Diploma

  • Tuina Massage Diploma

  • CPD Certificate in Neuromuscular Technique (Trigger Point Therapy)

  • CPD Certificate in Fire Cupping Techniques

  • Reflexology Diploma in Preconception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

  • VTCT Diploma in Reflexology

  • VTCT Diploma in Body Massage

  • VTCT Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

  • Shodun (first degree level) and Okuden (second degree level) in Reiki


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